Online Seminar Model

How is your seminar business so far ?

Have you ever encountered any difficulties such as below ?

  > Response is getting weak continuously.

  > Cost is getting higher.

  > There is a lot of preparation required and it is very                    time consuming.

  > You feel some difficulty and limitation in back-end sales.

There are so many seminars everywhere everyday.

It  is more stressful to attend seminars nowadays due to

heavy traffic jam everywhere in KL and PJ.  

People feel the constraint of time and place most of time nowadays for attending seminars.

Do you know that real seminar is already outdated in advanced countries like the United States and Japan ?

So what they are doing now ?  They are now holding It's "Webinar" which is actually online seminar. Some of you may be familiar with overseas webinar which you have attended a couple of times.

Have you not ?  If you are not familiar with this yet, just click the link below to experience it for yourself.



Seminar Business Support

One Stop Solution Center for Seminar Business in Malaysia. 


>>  Do you have any difficulties for getting enough  

   participants of your seminars ?


>>  Do you have concrete plan and method which can convert 

       your seminar into enough cash ? 


>>  If you are any expert and freelance such as accountant,

       lawyer, financial agent, property agent, health agent,

       coaching & training expert, etc...


  You can integrate your business by using seminar business



JMIC provide two ways of Seminar Business Support.


1. For those who are currently operating seminar business,

    and hope to integrate their business into next level.


2. For those who are not involved in seminar business yet,

     but it may boost your business effectively by adopting seminar business.


JMIC offer you below contents and services.


-  Providing seminar rooms 


-  Marketing assistance of seminar participants


-  Organizing speakers


-  Speech training 


-  Seminar contents advice and creation


-  Advising effective seminar concept making and management


-  Integrate & support to generate more revenue from seminars 


Free consultation is available !!  >>> Please contact us now.  



Recession Marketing

Malaysia is in the Recession economy now. 

Are you aware of it ?  Are you ready for it  ?

As a Japanese marketing professional, I have been researching 

and practicing various formula of Recession Marketing.

It is totally different from traditional way of any business.  


You can find out proven case studies and secret methods from the world toughest market.


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Charismatic Sales Staff Training

Does she look like a normal staff ?


No, she does not. She is a charismatic staff at this shop.


The word charismatic means having charisma, which is personal quality that gives an individual influence.


Top sales staff can make 5 times more sales than ordinary staff.

Charismatic sales staff like her usually sells more than 10 times

an average person.


There are hundreds of thousands of charismatic sales people available in Japan.


Do they have special talent or have they received any professional

training ?


The answer is "No".  Indeed, they are just ordinary people.


Do you want to know the secrets ? 


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Free Advertisement Advice from Professional !

Attention Business Owners !!


Are you flushing money into the septic tank ?


What do you do if your advertisement cost exceeds your profit until you have to declare bankruptcy ?


Do you know how to cut your advertisement cost in half and increase profit more than double ?


If you have not heard of this idea before, you must check it out now before it is too late. 


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Video Marketing

What are your marketing tools

and strategies ?


Newspaper ? TV Commercial ?

Billboard ? Magazine or the

internet ?


Sorry, it's all in the past now or

no longer applicable in the

current situation.


What you need to focus on is

"MOVIE". Now you can own

your TV Channels for almost



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Social Network Marketing

If you want to buy something, do

you search for it through the

internet ?


Or you can ask your friends 

through Facebook or check

personal review from blogs.


Which one can you trust more ?

Company ads or your

friend's recommendation ?


How do we effectively use or

apply social networking skills or

strategies in our business ?


Find out more...


Top 3% Club

You must be in the top 3% if you 

want to be successful.


Do you know why ?


Just look around you carefully.

How many of them look

successful ?


Have you ever aim to be

one of the top 3%? If no, ...


Do join our Top 3% Club and find 

out more about true reality and the

secrets of success.


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J-Business Coaching

There are tons of success stories

around but it will still be full of

success dreamers only.




Their attractive success stories

have some missing chapters not

to be shared with...


Do you want to know the

missing chapters ?


Behind them are great mentors or

coaches who guide them to the

road of success.


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J-Marketing Research

J-Customer Service

What is the basic element that

divides success and failure ?


Businessmen who fail always

think by themselves and stick

to their own ways.


On the other hand, successful

people find their answers from

their customer's point of view. 


They don't simply trust their own

view without proper research.


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Are you fighting to keep your

products and services at low prices

and minimum profit to survive ?


You should take a different

approach. Don't do what your

competitors are doing.


You can provide excellent customer

service instead. This could be

much more effective than any other



We will show you how and why.


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J-Marketing Promotion

J-Marketing Database

No matter how good your products

and services are, you cannot

survive without effective sales

and marketing skills.


On the other hand, many

businessmen are successful even

without having good products and



It is because they are good at sales

and marketing.


It is so important for you to know

the secrets of sales and marketing.


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A lot of information is readily

available in the world, especially in

the United States and Japan. 


Information in English is easily 

accessible compared to in

Japanese. JMIC managed to 

translate a lot of precious

Japanese information into English.


You will have huge advantage if  

you possess different source of

knowledge compared to others.


We provide you with that advantage. 


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