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J-Marketing Information Centre is set up by




Located in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, the company was

established since 2003.

No matter how good our products and services are, we cannot survive without efficient marketing systems. JMO has been assisting companies by providing the latest marketing knowledge and solutions in order to succeed in the competitive market. We also offered various consultation services to many companies and continue to do so to help improve the economic growth of Malaysia.

Until today we have conducted many seminars and offered advice to small to medium-sized businesses on how to do marketing. By incorporating the latest marketing and IT technology skills, we have offered consultation and advice to many companies eg. restaurant, hair saloon, beauty saloon and so forth to assist them to improve their businesses.

Some of the advice is how to find the right customers at minimum cost, how to convert lead into customers and how to turn new customers into regular and loyal customers.



Our core values are determination, perseverance and innovation. We strive to assist our clients to recognize their strength and provide simple yet innovative ideas to improve every business 



We continue to strive to provide the best marketing and management consultancy services to small and medium-sized businesses by using the latest internet and social media marketing skills. We continue to conduct seminars and guide business owners to resolve various issues at hand and use the latest and creative techniques and skills to improve their businesses in this tough and competitive market.  


In year 2016, we are looking into the area of nutritional value of food served at restaurants and cafes. For example, we plan to assist restaurants and cafes in marketing their products and services by improvising meals through adding nutritional value and assisting to create new and interesting menu. This is one of the ways to differentiate your business from others. We are also looking to expand our business by providing internet and social media marketing services to huge corporations within 2 years. 


Information regarding the company's founder and CEO, Mr. Imanishi is available at the link below.


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