Message from CEO


What is the critical element which differentiates between success and failure ? 


Money, Connection, Ability, Luck.......


In my opinion, it is  "Knowledge".


Real knowledge has been made available among those who have money and connection. 

That is why those who are already successful can get more opportunities everywhere.  




Thanks to informational revolution, we can all get access to any information 

which is avalable in the internet. That is why so many individual entrepreneurs are

coming up day by day. 


I have thoroughly researched how they became successful in a short period of time. 

There are various reasons as to how they became successful.


Basically, they take quick action and are good at looking for very precise information.

Their information literacy is very high and they are action-oriented people.


So they are proving how ordinary people can achieve success without money and



        1.  We must cultivate our information literacy to survive in this knowledge-based



        2.  Speed is another critical element. In other words, we all need to move fast.


We must study the available information effectively and move fast if we really want

to be successful.




How to find real knowledge and  use it effectively ?


J-Marketing Information Centre is set up to help Malaysians who are seeking

real knowledge to be successful in this information era.  


Yes, there is information available everywhere but...


How do you find which one is real and use it effectively ?


This is the critical question which most of us face everyday.


We welcome those who are looking for real knowledge and are struggling to 

manage their own business. 


I really understand your feeling because I had personally gone through the 

same situation before.


Please check my profile here.


I have been working in Malaysia and Japan for the past 20 years,

so I really know what is the difference between these two countries.


I can see clearly what type of advanced strategies and skills which could be

adopted in Malaysia. There are hundreds of case studies from Japan which 

will amaze you.



You can check out some of the real case studies in our JMIC Newsletter by 

filling up your particulars at the box at the bottom.



Best regards,


Yoichi Imanishi