Profile of Keiko Imanishi

Keiko started working with Shangri-La Hotel after graduating from ELC International School in KL.


Then she decided to pursue her dream to work in the Japanese fashion industry three years later. She went back to Japan and worked as a sales staff at leading Japanese fashion retail stores between 2009 to 2011.


She has the passion for Japanese fashion and customer service and  was soon promoted to the position of a Boutique Assistant Manager. She became one of the top charismatic sales staff at the company. 


She realized how important it is to be a professional sales person. Those who have been identified as professional sales people made about 10 times

the difference in terms of sales performance. 


She came back to KL since 2012 and started her own Japanese blog "Malaysia Life Style".

Her blog became one of the top blog about Malaysia among the Japanese.


She has been involved in social network marketing such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram,

and mobile marketing since then and never looked back. 


She is assisting shops and individual companies for SNS marketing and sales staff training

as a Director of JMO Network. Currently, she is also making arrangement between Japanese

and Malaysian entertainment industries.