J-Marketing Promotion

Do you want to know how to reduce your promotion

cost by half, and yet double your sales ?


Do you believe it if I say it can be done ?


It happened in Japan 15 years ago. Marketing revolution swept across Japanese market since then. The new concept became a standard practice now.


Are you interested in this new concept ?


Case Study 1


Do you have good products and services to offer ? However, there are a lot of competitors or you do not to know how to get recognition ?


A small local hotel had increased their sales by double by just adding one phrase into their sales promotion. What was the phrase?


Case Study 2


Why only few people can succeed even though there are a lot of tips from successful people everywhere ?


Do you think people who are already established, are willing to tell the truth in public ? Why do they need to tell you their miserable failures and secret tricks which may jeopardize their current fame and success ?


A guy made his new health products became popular nationwide through his secretive promotion. How did he do it ?


Case Study 3


The owner, a curtain supplier had built a new and beautiful showroom but not many new customers came to visit the showroom. He was surprised as he invested so much money in it.


Finally, he changed it to a new policy which helped his company escape from bankruptcy. What was the new policy ?


Case Study 4


If you are dealing with real estate eg. construction or renovation, you must learn the secret of this case study.


A small local construction company continue to get new customers without investing in any model house. Can you guess how ?


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There are lots of case studies to learn together.


Now, I would like to summarize the new marketing concept compared to traditional business model.


Traditional Business Model :

  1. Open office or shop
  2. Put advertisements in media
  3. Wait for customers and inquiries
  4. Sell your services and products


The New Marketing Concept :

  1. Put direct response advertisements in media - must have 'irresistible offer' and carefully lead 'response action' to contact us.
  2. Get as many prospective customers (leads) as you can - maximize advertising cost.
  3. Make sales with immediate leads first - *customer-oriented sales letter
  4. Keep in touch with another lead continuously - *customer- oriented newsletter
  5. Maximize sales from leads eventually - continuously lead to sales letter
  6. Keep in touch with customers after sales continuously - customer-oriented newsletter
  7. Make new customers into repeated customers - lead to cross-sell and upper sell
  8. Make repeated customers into life long customers - maximize profit from one customer - membership, etc.

Note : Customer-oriented sales letter means each letter you send must be benefitial to your customers. Most company letters only explain their promotion based on their own benefit, not for customer's benefit.  


It may look very complicated to you. However, this is the latest marketing technology which you have to learn now. It has already became a standard practice in Japan and has started in Malaysia. Otherwise, your risk is getting higher and higher once many people realize it sooner or later.


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