Ultimate Solution For Your Job Security

An employee and a self-employed have opposite mindset and very different skill set.


Let's say, you are lucky enough to stay at your work place for 5 years,

then when your company goes bankrupt or lay off many employees,

you have to find either another job or start your own business to survive.


If you are not prepared for this situation, you will be in huge danger when facing such a crisis.

Now, I have a suggestion for you.


You don't need to take a big step and fall into huge risk now.

Instead, you can start to increase your revenue while gaining an entrepreneur's mindset and skill set.


I have seen those who are switching jobs wisely and such people have

similar mindset and skill set as successful entrepreneurs.


Do you know what kind of mindset and skill set is that ?


It's a kind of "sales skill". In other words, "presentation skill".


We have to learn how to sell yourself and your products & services

but most of them have a very negative feeling as a “sales person”. How about you ?


Many who are still struggling are actually still using sales mindset and skill set

that is totally outdated which in fact could be harmful.


There is a new standard mindset and skill set for new successful entrepreneurs

which very few people know about and this has been kept a secret.



I have spent 20 years investing more than USD100,000 to gain that knowledge and skills

from top sales and marketing gurus all over the world. 

How Could It Be Possible To Know

The Secrets Of Top Sales Person ?


Have you tried to find out the secrets of your superiors or fellow colleagues

who have been making a big success in their sales career ?


Yes, I know they will not reveal the secrets so easily.

Neither could the secrets be easily imitated by others.


That is why you have to struggle to find out your own way to succeed.

Do you know the way that you pursue your career could be so uncertain

and you are putting yourself at high risk ?


Now, consider yourself very lucky to have found the right “compass” to lead you to the right path

and get out of the many pitfalls which many freelancers and sales agents are suffering from. 

Founder of Sales Hack 3.0


Hi, my name is Yoichi Imanishi.


I am a Japanese Entrepreneur and Business Coach in KL since 1990.


I have created more than 10 new businesses in KL

and given consultation to more than 150 individuals and companies in Malaysia.


I will provide you with many new ideas and the latest secret sales techniques

through my email magazine which is called "Sales Hack 3.0". 

The contents of Sales Hack 3.0 include :

         > Ultimate secret which I have found out during my intensive interview with 198 success businessmen and women.

         > The difference between customer chasing approach and strategic sales approach ?

          >  How did the customer chasing mutual fund agent become one of the top managers within 6 months ?

  • >  The top secret of sales from Brian Tracy which I have learned at USD2,500 workshop in Tokyo ?

  • >  Totally out of the box thinking secrets which I have learned from top Japanese sales expert.

  • >  Top secrets from Japanese MDRT insurance agents.

  • >  Automation sales without any push sales

  • >  Just change your self-introduction method to increase sales 10 times

  • >  How to sell without any experience

  • >  Closing 98% Sales Technique

  • >  Never sell what the customer or client wants

  • >  21 Sales Psychology for closing deals

  • >  The 5 Steps Sales Process

  • >  And lots more....


    I’m sure you have attended some kind of the sales seminars and training

  • before or you might have read many books and magazines to improve your sales skills.


    How is your outcome so far ?

  • Are you very satisfied with the results you have achieved or do you feel something is missing ?


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