Scholarship Study Coaching

What is Scholarship Study Coaching ?

How do you define an excellent student and a poor student ?
When both types of students study at the same school and tuition centre, and yet their scores in tests and examinations vary.
Well, It's not about how much time you spent studying, who your teachers are and what textbooks are used.
It's a matter of how to think and act.
An excellent student has the right mind-set, strong self-discipline and manages his/her time well, employs effective study methods and prepare way ahead for tests and examinations. A poor student can't manage his/her studies well and is somehow affected by distractions in his/her surroundings.
There are two fundamental key factors involved.
1)  Motivational Factor : It is closely related to mind-set skill. How to motivate oneself, manage time and study daily.  
2)  How to Study Skill : How to take notes, summarize, memorize and execute effectively.

How does Scholarship Study Coaching work ?

The coach provides you concrete reasons on why you must study which motivates you 100%. 
So you are super charged in order to stay focused in your studies.
Students do their homework and studies on their own with 100% passion and responsibility. 
The coach provides you with all the best methods & skills to study fast and effectively, and then helps you to develop into a super student in a short period of time.
Our social environment has been changing rapidly. Our current education systems are totally obsolete and do not provide any guarantee and security for the future. Students must have super brain and mindset to adapt to the current changes.
Whether you realize it or not, no matter how much cost, time and effort spent to achieve whatever high score from any reputable university, the value of this certificate is getting lesser and lesser.
The coach provides you with guidance to stay way ahead of other students, overcome any problems or challenges and help you to develop into a super individual to be absolutely ready for the future. 

Voice of students :

 Ryota Hayashi : Enrolled in Hyogo Medical University

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It is not study hard but study smart.
First of all, I don't have any particular reason or passion to decide by myself what I want to be. I just thought that being a doctor is a respectable and proud job.
I have failed twice in the university entrance exam and I was really disappointed with my ability at that time. Then I met Mr. Imanishi and quickly decided to take his coaching.
He gave me a bigger and clearer picture of my future career from his deep & wide prospective views due to his vast experience and thought. I was so motivated and began to build my confidence and I was very determined to overcome my obstacles no matter what.
However, things didn't go well so easily. Whenever I had difficulty  and sometimes got negative results on the way, Mr. Imanishi was always there to assist me to overcome it without wasting much time.
Many top students use various skills and techniques. We all have similar brain function and capacity to utilize those skills and techniques.  It is a waste if we struggle again and again with our own limited knowledge and ideas.
It's very simple. We just get to know people who are really like super students and learn how they think and what they do. Then we just implement the techniques or know-how by ourselves. We all have similar abilities to get the same results or even better if we really understand and follow them.
If you are really keen to progress in your studies and produce excellent results, you need to learn the super student skills and mindset immediately.
❷ Akane Uehara : Enrolled in Osaka University School of Letters 
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My marks improved from an average of 30 to 80 within 6 months.
I faced serious bullying issues since the beginning of the 4th year. I really hated school at that time.
So my grades had dropped tremendously. My average marks dropped to around 30 since the bullying started. I had no confidence and motivation at all. I just felt like quitting studies all the time.
Then I met Mr. Imanishi and he taught me how to overcome those obstacles and regain my dignity.
I don't want lose my life at this very early age. I must know how to protect myself and handle others. 
I just followed Mr. Imanishi's guidance even if I don't fully understand it or sometimes don't agree with what he said. I trusted him and  strictly followed his advice for 6 months. 
My results jumped from almost the bottom to the top within 6 months. The teachers and classmates were so surprised with my results and I managed to overcome serious bullying in the end.  

Profile of Yoichi Imanishi

 Psychics Experience :

He had miracle psychic experience during his secondary school days.

His score used to be in the lower group, ranking around 5 from the bottom in his class until the following incident  happened. He used to study only on the day before exams and he used to study less than an hour, usually at night.  
One day, he was watching TV until very late at night so  he was very sleepy. However, he has a history exam the next day. So he quickly opened the text books and read through materials covered as fast as possible. He was just flapping each page and finished in less than 10 minutes and went to bed.
Then what happened the next day ? He went to his class to sit for the exam. Then when he saw the exam papers, he realized that he could remember each page like snap shots. Yes, he had accidentally discovered photographic memory. He also got some other psychic experience in the same period. So his average score had jumped up to the top of the group since this incident occurred.
Shichida Method :
Through his various experience, he had strong curiosity about the human brain. Then during his university days, he  found out about Dr. Shichida who was well-known as a right brain expert worldwide. Shichida Method was well recognized throughout Japan and he read most of Dr. Shichida's books since then.
He could understand scientifically what happened to his brain during his secondary school time. In the year 2000, he was involved in implementing Shichida Method to those above age 12.  
Coaching Experience and Belief :
He was in Japan during 1997 to 2002 and did some research on the latest coaching skills, internet marketing skills and brain development skills. During this period, he completed some courses and is a certified Advanced Brain Development Trainer and Career Development  Advisor. 


Since then, he has been providing coaching to more than 300 individuals. To his surprise,  many of his clients achieved amazing results and he was very pleased with those results. He often quotes, "We are born as genius babies but are educated to be average adults." He strongly believes that we have untapped genius potential.