J-Customer Service

On 11th March, 2011, an unforgettable earthquake and tsunami destroyed thousands of lives and property in Japan.


There were a few thousand visitors stranded in Tokyo Disneyland on that fateful day. They could not go home since all public transportation had ceased operation.


Those visitors worried about how to survive the night as they were getting cold and hungry since it was still late winter season in Japan.


On the other hand, all Disneyland crew were busy checking the safety of the park area and the visitors there.


Some crew noticed that many visitors were shivering, so they started to hand out raincoats and deliver hot soup and bread spontaneously.  


The management had also decided to evacuate visitors to safety buildings.

However, it was a difficult decision for the management but finally the crew

led visitors through covered areas which should not be shown to them.


Since Disneyland is fantasy land, all the crew have been trained to maintain

Disneyland's image as fantasyland.


The gates for the backyards opened and some crew leaders started to guide the visitors.

Then they saw amazing pictures........


All staff and crew lined up the whole stretch and covered the road which was not

supposed to be shown visitors.


Many crew members held handy lights and lightened the walkway. All

visitors saw the beautiful and heart warming spotlights throughout the way.


Tokyo Disneyland crew kept their working place as fantasyland while evacuating

all visitors even during the country's historical disaster.


This is the ultimate customer service which the Japanese crew had shown.

This is one of the reasons why Tokyo Disneyland maintains as

the No. 1 amusement park in the world.




Now, coming back to Malaysia, just look around your business.


No matter how good your products and services are, your market competition can

quite easily destroy your advantages.


Am I correct ?


So what steps are you trying next ?


Find or produce better goods and services, or simply cut your profit margin?


Have you ever thought of making a difference by improving your customer service ?  


  • Do you think it would not be effective ?
  • Do you think it would be difficult to do so ?


The Japanese market is extremely competitive. Your goods and services

must be of high value. Your customer service must be excellent and then your price

should be reasonable as well.


If any business owner neglects one of these criteria, they would not survive in

the Japanese market.


I can see so much potential to get ahead of your competitors,

should you  choose to improve your customer service. Sad to say,

but most of the time, the customer service in Malaysia is horrible.


Nowadays, many people have travelled overseas and have experienced

good customer service and realized the standard of customer service here

in Malaysia.


If you can make positive changes to your customer service, you would have

a huge advantage when dealing with foreign customers and those who know

better about customer service.


Do you want your staff to have a high standard of customer service and skills

like the Japanese ?


We can assist you to make your dream come true. 


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