J-Marketing Training Program

 3,231 companies, all of them were rather doubtful

before starting new idea and methods

but when sales and revenue started to increase.....


Dear Malaysian Business Owners, 

Congratulations ! You may find your ultimate solutions here !


The latest marketing group in Japan started in 1997.

Japan was under severe economic recession then.

Most company owners were seriously under pressure to maintain their business.

No matter how hard they tried using traditional ways, there were no positive results.

It was heart-breaking and they were really desperate....


This guy named Kanda, who is a MBA holder from the United States,

had declared that MBA theory did not really help small to medium-sized businesses,

and boldly use a new marketing method which is called Direct Response Marketing (DRM).


He started teaching a small group in 1997, and this group produced  tremendous results such as  


* Revenue increased 6 times after amending direct mail (Japan Economy Business News)

* Sales Turnover increased from 8 million to 36 million after 2 years (Greenland)

* Inquiry and visitors to exhibitions increased 7~10 times (Sekisui House)

* Revenue worth USD50,000 was brought in after spending USD800 on Direct Mail (DM).(Rapinu Pharmacy)

* Created conveyor belt system to turn prospective customers into real clients (Sony Insurance)

* Plain colour invitation cards brought in 843 customers (Sushi Hachi - sushi shop)

* DM response increased 4 times and stabilized business within one  month (L-House)

* Existing customer sales increased by 200 ~ 300% using DM. Total sales turnover increased by double.    


* Received 10 inquries from PR ads. This is the first time we got response from our ads. (Hikurey Winery)

* And lots more. There are 371 testimonials shown in the group sales letter.


The number of members increased rapidly to more than 3000.


The reasons why this group made historical success in the business market

and changed the total marketing system in Japan are :-


Huge demand of highly motivated customers 

New system creation for group consultation

Driven by result-oriented Highly sophisticated sharing

and leveraging system which maximized individual results


And the most important evidence is that this group itself had used

the latest marketing method of Direct Response Marketing (DRM).


Normally, consultation is only available to medium-sized companies or big corporates

which can afford to pay high commission fees.

That is why MBA theory is applicable to those companies with high cost-oriented businesses.


However, those who are seriously looking for solutions are actually

small to medium-sized company owners who cannot afford to invest big amount

in consultation fees, etc.


So Mr. Kanda created a new group membership to introduce the latest marketing method

which is applicable to small & medium-sized business owners at affordable fees.


J-Marketing Training Program is based on this group theories and methods.

However, some of their theories and methods are out-dated and need to be

amended in some ways to adapt to the local market.


Our trainer, Mr. Imanishi has been practising their theories and methods.

In addition, he also learned many other practical marketing and internet skills.

He also has more than 20 years of business experience in Malaysia

so that he can implement those Japanese latest marketing theories and methods locally.


What you are going to learn in our programs :


ü  Strategic Thinking - which makes your business extremely profitable

     and provide automated sales and marketing systems.
ü  How to establish original business models (Unique selling Position : USP) -

    You cannot establish your business without this.
ü  To understand the difference between strategy and skill -

     You don't need to worry about others imitating your business model once you understand it.
ü  How to estimate the future market of your business -

     So many successful business people have gone into bankruptcy.

     It is because they do not understand this.

ü  4 secrets to create dynamic strategy within 60 minutes. 
ü  Step by Step Method to understand Customer-Oriented Marketing Skills
ü  How to know the right timing to start new business -

     80% of success in business is determined by timing the launch of your business.
ü  8 methods to revive old business models -

     If your business has been in very competitive market, your business model

     should be in this category.
ü  Surfing management - how to change your business model according to

     the market demand which looks like surfing business trend from wave to wave.
ü  How to recognize sellable items before launch -

     Once you choose the wrong items at the beginning, you will suffer forever.
ü  Simple business success formula -

     Choose sellable items, present it and let people understand it easily.

     That's it.

ü  How to make your customer choose your business -

     If you choose your customer, they choose you. In other words,

     if you don't understand how to select your customer, they don't understand

     how to choose you as well.
ü  How to make sales with minimum cost - 

     even if you find the right customer, right product and right timing,

     it is crucial to know how to reduce selling cost correctly.

     If it is not done correctly, you lose customers instead.
ü  How to make your sales process effective -

     Do people think rationally when buying something ?

     If you understand how to persuade people in an emotional way,

     your sales process becomes much easier.
ü  How to create word of mouth marketing -

     the latest marketing case studies show you exactly how to use it in your business.
ü  What is the biggest strategy ? -

     Ordinary people look for attractive market with many competitors in it,

     while smart business people look for niche market or rather old market

     with not many smart people in it.
ü  Step by Step Learning of Direct Response Marketing -

     This is the driven vehicle that adjust your business into the latest marketing process.
ü  There are two types of business which you should not deal with -

     You must know how much per customer acquisition cost is your business.

     Most business failures have originated from this mistake.
ü  How to make 70~80% profit business from gross sales -

     This brainstorming process will make your business much more profitable.
ü  The latest purchasing process technology -

     if you understand this, you will become a Master of Sales & Marketing.

There are lots more to study and implement together.

Early practitioners always get more benefits than followers.


The benefits you will get when you join this program are :     


☞ You are entitled to subscribe to exclusive membership mail magazine

or newsletters depending on whether you prefer online or offline mail.

The mail magazine is published once a month.


☞ You are entitled to log in to members website to watch the latest videos and documents

which I will put up from time to time.


☞ You are also invited to our exclusive online forum to exchange ideas and experiences.


☞ You are entitled to get free consultation through email, telephone, and Skype upon booking.


☞ You are entitled to special discount ticket whenever J-Marketing Information Centre (JMIC)

provide any seminars.


In one of the Japanese consultancy circle that I joined,

we claim that any consultants who don't produce result as "garbage".


So for anyone who join us as members, our mission is " WE MUST AND WILL PRODUCE RESULTS ".


However, positive results cannot be produced by itself or by me alone.

Your sincere and serious participation is required.


As we are launching a promotion now, you are welcome to join our group for FREE.

You will receive all of the above privileges.


However, this promotion will end very soon. Sign up now and find out if it works for you ! 


If you have any queries about this program, please do not hesitate to contact us now.