Are you suffering from serious competition in your industry ?

  • Are you already affected by cravings for coupons and discounts in your business ? 
  • Do you know why this phenomenon is so dangerous and how to treat it ?
  • Do you have your own resources to come up with new and authentic products and skills ?
  • Do you want to know the latest saloon business information from Japan                                                                     which is the world's toughest market ?

Top Japanese Business & Marketing Consultant in KL

Hi I'm Yoichi Imanishi and I am a top Japanese Business and Marketing Expert in KL since 2003.  

Personally I have been involved in 10 types of businesses and have offered consultation to more 

than 100 companies and individuals.


As a business owner, we are facing lots of challenges nowadays in Malaysia,

such as inflation, GST, tough competition, recession, etc.


The Japanese market is the most competitive market in the health and beauty industry in the world

and has been experiencing  historically long recession for more than 20 years.


There are tons of information and case studies which will help  your business grow no matter what

your circumstances are.


>  Repeat System : This system helps to make your first time customer repeat at a rate of 90% or more. 

>  Marketing System : This system generates ideal customers on 24/7. 

>  Counseling Skill : This skill is the key to create your ideal clients and make them as your fan.  

> New & Authentic Japanese Products and Techniques : New branding & Attraction for your salon.


I has been tested and proven it myself.  I have implemented it and suceeded it last year.

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