J-Marketing Research

When goods and services are limited, it is easy to do business.


You just provide whatever people require. People automatically buy from you.


However, we have so many goods and services everywhere now. We are spoilt for choice. People get confused most of the time, as to where to buy, which is better, etc.  


So now what you need to know is concentrate on 'Marketing'.

  1. How to find customers
  2. How to get customers to know you
  3. How to make customers buy from you
  4. How to make customers to buy continuously from you.


We provide you with all the above information.


However, first of all, what you need to do is to clarify your current business

with a professional point of view.


What is a professional point of view ?


Unfortunately, most people hardly notice that many failed in their business

because they believed in their own view or opinion.


Successful businessmen seldom trust their own view without proper research.


You need to know what your customers want and need which is strictly based on

research of customers' point of view. It is not just your image of customer wants

and needs. You must adjust this gap regularly so that you can keep your business

in healthy condition continuously.


If you understand it clearly , please check our ' Mystery Shopper Service '.


Besides, if you wish to do a research on your market and other competitors,

we also provide you with this service upon request.


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