Mystery Shopper Service


Have you ever look at your business through the customer's point of view ?



Through the customer's point of view, you can get lots of great tips and ideas to improve your business.


These are a few of examples at Pavilion shopping complex.


  1. Take away cake shop with no dry ice :


Do you think it is normal ? Do you think fresh cream cakes are not easily spoilt ? I don't mind paying a few extra ringgit to make sure the cakes that I buy are still fresh by the time I get home.


I wonder how many customers are more than happy to buy the cakes if the shop provides this service.


      2.  Fancy characters and tiny words at an ice-cream shop :


There were so many different types of attractive ice-cream at the display window. There were lots of interesting combination as well.


So I went to the cashier to make an order. Then the cashier showed me the menu with fancy characters and extremely tiny words.


I could not see or read it properly. So I asked for photos for each item but they said "No".


I wonder how many customers have given up to make orders at this shop.


      3.   iPhone shop with seminar facility :


I did not have a smart phone at that time so I wanted to buy one.

Then I saw some seminar facility inside the shop.


I went to the counter and asked if there are there any class for

beginners.  A few clerks were there but noone answered me.


"Can anyone please give me some information ?", I asked again. One lady clerk who was forced by the other answered me.


"Hello, customer. We don’t provide any information here.

You can log on to our website and get all the information there."


I just wondered if this shop owner has been hiring these ladies for fun.  What is the purpose of this counter and what are the clerks for ?


I have encountered these three incident within 2 hours on the same day at the same shopping complex.


I suppose these shop owners should be quite serious about doing business but there are lot of things that they have not considered to improve their business as you can see from the true stories above.


Please think carefully as to how much money you may be losing  because you are not aware of some important points ?


Our mystery shopper service will help you on this aspect precisely.


Our mystery shopper visits your shop or office as a customer and then make precise observation of your business based on 100% customer's point of view.


Then we analyse this observation with professional skills and present a report with useful advice and tips to help your business grow.


On top of that, we will analyse your business structure and model as well. You will be amazed to know how powerful the customer's point of view is when combined with professional analysis.


If you are interested in this service, please contact us for free consultation or click here to request for detailed information of the Mystery Shopper.