3 Minutes Magic Formula Workshop

It will change your life within 3 minutes


One of my business gurus told me that he can recognize whether a person is successful or not within 3 minutes.


Yes ! Just 3 minutes ! 


You will learn to master your life once you know how to utilize this 3 Minutes Magic Formula. It is because all successful people in any field use this formula either consciously or unconsciously.


If you are looking for ideal solutions to any of the situation listed below, please don’t miss the opportunity to attend this free workshop.


If you want to…

  •   Get your dream job.
  •   Create excellent relationship with your partner, family,         friends, boss and colleagues, etc.
  •   Get more prospects and sales easily.
  •   Create abundant network connections for your business.

 Or if you are….

  •  College or university students who want to find better jobs in the future.
  •  Any other job seekers.
  •  Employees who want to be promoted while keeping good  relationship with their boss and colleagues.
  •  Employers who want to have better relationship with their staff and  motivate them to produce better performance.
  •  Teachers and speakers who are keen to positively increase their influence on students and audience.

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 <<Participant’s Review>>


M. Suhaimi (PJ)


I’m a sales agent and I was just curious what the workshop was all about. It was awesome. It is knowledge which people know or heard of but most of us never think about it seriously. “It is not necessary for successful people to do different things, but to do it in different ways.” I have got great inspiration from this workshop. Thank you, Mr. Imanishi.


K.C. Chan (KL)


I’m frustrated not being able to find a good job so I decided to attend this workshop. There are always abundant opportunities around us. It is only our ability to recognise it and grab the opportunity. Now I feel that I will be able to find a better job quickly. Those who are unhappy with their job or want to get recognition from others must attend this workshop ! 


Cecilia Liew (KL)


I’m a final year university student. I feel huge pressure during job interviews. I really don’t have much confidence to overcome this situation.  Today, I have got a clue by attending the workshop.  I am confident to get ideal result soon. Thank you very much. 


3 Minutes Magic Formula Workshop 


Venue :  Lionsworld Conference Room 33rd Floor, Menara Keck                      Seng, 203, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


Date & Time :  6th September 2014, Saturday 10:30 am ~ 12:30 pm 


Reservation:  Click the RESERVATION button below or call 012-227-3618  (Ms. Jane) to reserve your seat(s) now. Limited seats available on a first come first serve basis !