Seminar Business Support

One Stop Solution Center for Seminar Business in Malaysia. 


>>  Do you have any difficulties for getting enough      

       participants of your seminars ?


>>  Do you have concrete plan and method which can

       convert your seminar into enough cash ? 


>>   If you are any expert and freelance such as

        accountant, lawyer, financial agent, property agent,    

        health agent, coaching & training expert, etc...


  You can integrate your business by using seminar business methods.  


JMIC provide two ways of Seminar Business Support.


1.  For those who are currently operating seminar business,

     and hope to integrate their business into next level.


2.  For those who are not involved in seminar business yet,

      but it may boost your business effectively by adapting seminar business.


JMIC offer you below contents and services.


-  Providing seminar rooms 

-  Marketing assistance of seminar participants

-  Organizing speakers

-  Speech training 

-  Seminar contents advice and creation

-  Advising effective seminar concept making and management.

-  Integrate & support to generate more revenue from seminars