Top 3% Club

Do you know the survival ratio for new ventures ?


About 80% of new ventures ceased operations within a year.  About 95% of new ventures failed to survive

for 5 years.


Those who venture into business are mostly not ordinary people. They have money, ideas, connection and strong ambition to succeed at the beginning.


However, about 95% people have failed miserably. New entrepreneurs may have prepared the necessary "equipments" and

learned how to swim.


Then they just jumped into the water without real practice or the

right mindset to survive. 


At Top 3% Club, we provide you with real practice and the right mindset

to become a successful entrepreneur.




Now, I will reveal some of the very important top 3% success business owners' secrets.


1. How much are you investing in your knowledge and skills every year ?


     If you have not invested more than 10% of your annual income, you are in danger.


2. Do you know how to choose the correct information to invest in rather than

     just wasting your time and money ?


If you do not know which information to invest in, you will be exhausted before you even succeed.

You may easily get attracted to a lot of information available in the market and too much will

get you confused.


"Out of all the information available, only 3% is important. This means 97% of the information

are either useless or even harmful." 

3. Do you have any particular coach or advisor to guide you in your business in order to avoid

     unnecessary and costly mistakes ?


Most people think that it would be expensive to hire an effective and experienced business coach

or advisor for your business but it is not necessarily so.


An important point to note is that those who are successful normally hire at least one coach

or advisor at the very beginning of their business.

Only limited genius entrepreneurs can succeed without such coaches and advisors. 

So how many of us can proudly declare that we are genius ? 

4. Do you know the opposite of the word "success"?


If you say " failure", it could be right during your school days

but you must know the correct term once you venture into the business survival game.


The correct term is "mediocre". You need to realize that mediocre is the true killer of

all entrepreneurs. 




Those are the top secrets which have not been revealed to others yet. 

I have invested more than half a million dollars for the past 25 years through

numerous trial & error.


Then finally I have got these 4 secrets which differentiates top 3% success business owners

from the other 97% "mediocre business" owners.  


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