What is JMIC ?

JMIC stands for Japanese Marketing Information Centre.


Everybody knows that Japanese technology has the leading edge  in the industrial world but not many people know much about marketing technology in Japan.


For example, how 7-Eleven and McDonald's became the No.1 world brand in its industry respectively.


Although these business ideas originated from United States, the Japanese applied for the license to operate such business in Japan. They quickly made a lot of innovation to the original system

and manuals and created very sophisticated business models.  


Many international business models actually made huge integration in the Japanese market

before operating in other parts of the world such as Disney, Universal Studios, Kidzania,

Starbucks, etc. thus ensuring continuous success.


By the way, Carrefour, Ikea, Tesco and a lot of Korean brands which are well-known

in Malaysia are still struggling in the Japanese market.

This tells us how tough competition is in the Japanese market.  

You too can learn the secrets behind as to how to integrate each business model in Japan.


For example,


1. How did Mr. Den Fujita, the founder of McDonald's Japan  make his business so successful ?


He spent a small amount of money to make his business

popular within two weeks and grabbed everyone's attention nationwide.


Allow me to bring to your attention that the Japanese had never heard of McDonald's,

fast food or hamburgers in the 1970s and yet Mr. Fujita managed to successfully build up

the business in a short period of time. So how did he do it ? 


2. Are you aware of how Jusco has been so strong in the Malaysian market for the past 20 years?

How do they keep their outstanding competitiveness ? What are the secrets behind ?


The answer is.....


They are not operating as an ordinary supermarket or retail business.


By now you may wondering is that so ? But it is true, they are property onwer and are making

a lot of profit from renting out premises for especially business use.


Do you know what kind of business is Starbucks ?


Cafe ?


No, I'm afraid not...


There are lots of new business models existing in our society whether

you are aware of it or not. However, some may not be what they appear to be...


This is just a small part of the new business models that are

dominating the business trade and pushing aside traditional businesses.


Do you think you will have a huge advantage if you know this

trend first ?


Now, I would like to emphasize a little bit more about major 

changes which are making a huge impact on our society. 



A good example is the airline industry. 


Are you aware of what is happening in MAS 

and Air Asia in the past 10 years ? 


We should learn a lot from these two

companies. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has been using two huge weapons against MAS and 

other airline companies.  


Can anybody give it a guess ?  


The answer is........ 


The Latest Marketing and IT technology.


Do you remember that many years ago Air Asia put up amazing advertisements such as "10 ringgit flight to Penang" in their trademark red colour ?


Then they lead people to their website to book air tickets through the internet.


Many Malaysians were attracted to their advertisement and rushed to log on to the website 

although not many Malaysians were familiar with internet at that time.


The latest Marketing and IT technology skill will determine the success of your business 

whether you like it or not. 


It has already been happening in advanced countries. We should learn from this trend 

and whoever implements it earlier will have a  huge advantage and gets ahead of others.


Our Chief Trainer, Mr. Yoichi Imanishi has strong interest in this new trend

and did intense research, learned all the secret recipes and put them into practice.


J-Marketing Information Centre is here to provide you with assistance

and guidance using this new formula to change your business paradigm

and upgrade it to the next level.